Fact Sheet: _Bellevue, Washington, USA (GCS version)

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This single-cell GCS transmittal is a sample data set for the Bellevue, Washington area terrain, initially converted from S1000 format. It was again converted from the original Bellevue sample transmittal in the UTM spatial reference frame into the GCS spatial reference frame using the conversion capabilities of the SRM, and the transmittal update capabilities of the SEDRIS API.


GCS Cell ID: 41926 (newer GCS cell numbering scheme, sometimes known as GTRS)

GCS Database Extents:

Database Features:

This databases uses textured polygons to define the terrain surface, and contains some of the major roads and water bodies of the Bellevue, WA USA area. It also contains a few simple <Geometry Model> buildings, and lots of trees and forest areas represented as "canopied regions". All of the data is represented using a combination of textured or colored polygons. Natural and cultural objects in the database are also represented as point, linear, or areal features. The database contains 14,355 polygons, and is 10 km by 10 km. It represents a summer/spring time of year for this region.

DRM Classes Used:

  • Absolute Time
  • Absolute Time Interval
  • Ambient Colour
  • Areal Feature
  • Bounding Volume
  • Citation
  • Classification Data
  • Classification Related Features
  • Classification Related Geometry
  • Collision Volume
  • Data Quality
  • Diffuse Colour
  • Distance LOD Data
  • Edge Direction
  • Environment Root
  • Environmental Domain Summary
  • Face Direction
  • Feature Edge
  • Feature Face
  • Feature Face Ring
  • Feature Node
  • Geometry Model
  • Geometry Model Instance
  • Identification
  • Image
  • Image Library
  • Image Mapping Function
  • Inline Colour
  • Interface Template
  • Keywords
  • Legal Constraints
  • Lineage
  • Linear Feature
  • Local 4x4
  • LOD Related Geometry
  • LSR 3D Location
  • LSR Transformation
  • LTSE 3D Location
  • Model
  • Model Instance Template Index
  • Model Library
  • Parallelepiped Volume Extent
  • Point Feature
  • Polygon
  • Presentation Domain
  • Primitive Colour
  • Process Step
  • Property Value
  • Reference Vector
  • Rendering Priority Level
  • Rendering Properties
  • Responsible Party
  • RGB Colour
  • Role Data
  • Rotation
  • Rotation Control Link
  • Security Constraints
  • Spatial Extent
  • Spatial Index Data
  • Spatial Index Related Features
  • Spatial Index Related Geometry
  • Spherical Volume Extent
  • Stamp Behaviour
  • Texture Coordinate
  • Translation
  • Translucency
  • Transmittal Root
  • Transmittal Summary
  • Union Of Feature Topology
  • Union Of Features
  • Union Of Geometry Hierarchy
  • Union Of Primitive Geometry
  • Variable
  • Vertex
  • World 3x3
  • World Transformation
EDCS Classification Codes Present:


This data set is compliant with SEDRIS 4.1.x.


Send email to help@sedris.org for questions or assistance in using this data set.

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Last updated: _ April 13, 2008