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This transmittal represents a fictitious town square that could exist anywhere. Town Square, Anywhere is a geo-typical urban environment generated by the Institute for Defense Analyses (IDA) Terrain Team. Their objective is to produce realistic and detailed urban databases that provide an interactive, low cost and non-intrusive training environments. The IDA Terrain Team has produced a series of highly accurate 3-D visual representations of specific environments and correlated 2-D representations for semi-automated forces applications. This is their first geo-typical terrain data base.

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Over the past couple of years, and especially after the events of 11 September 2001, there has been an increasing demand for realistic urban environments to support interactive, virtual reality training, mission rehearsal, equipment development, and a variety of other requirements.

The majority of the Virtual Cities that have been built for the Virtual Emergency Response Training System program have been actual cities constructed from the geographic information system (GIS) data provided by the cities. The cities, and our DoD sponsor have put restrictions on providing these cities for other than "official business" use.

Town Square was constructed using the same procedures as used for the "Virtual Cities" but we have inserted generic buildings, stylized additions, and representative artifacts. It is not a real place, but it is a very realistic rendering of a portion of an urban city. Our DoD sponsor has approved the release of this database as "Distribution A, Unlimited", to support the training and developmental efforts both in the military, the civilian first response, and civilian developmental communities.

The associated 3D models are likewise provided to permit the users to create their own training scenarios or vignettes to support their training needs.


Polygons: 43250

Area: 0.25 km2

AUTM Database Extents:

DRM Classes Used:

  • Absolute Time
  • Absolute Time Interval
  • Ambient Colour
  • Citation
  • Classification Data
  • Classification Related Features
  • Classification Related Geometry
  • Colour Shininess
  • Data Quality
  • Diffuse Colour
  • Distance LOD Data
  • Edge Direction
  • Emissive Colour
  • Environment Root
  • Environmental Domain Summary
  • Face Direction
  • Feature Edge
  • Feature Face
  • Feature Face Ring
  • Feature Node
  • Geometry Model
  • Geometry Model Instance
  • Identification
  • Image
  • Image Library
  • Image Mapping Function
  • Inline Colour
  • Keywords
  • Legal Constraints
  • Linear Feature
  • LOD Related Geometry
  • LSR 3D Location
  • Model
  • Model Library
  • Perimeter Data
  • Perimeter Related Feature Topology
  • Point Feature
  • Polygon
  • Presentation Domain
  • Primitive Colour
  • Process Step
  • Property Set
  • Property Set Index
  • Property Set Table
  • Property Set Table Group
  • Property Set Table Library
  • Property Value
  • Reference Vector
  • Rendering Properties
  • Responsible Party
  • RGB Colour
  • Role Data
  • Security Constraints
  • Spatial Extent
  • Spatial Index Data
  • Spatial Index Related Geometry
  • Specular Colour
  • Texture Coordinate
  • TM 3D Location
  • Translucency
  • Transmittal Root
  • Transmittal Summary
  • Union Of Feature Topology
  • Union Of Features
  • Union Of Geometry Hierarchy
  • Union Of Primitive Geometry
  • Vertex
  • World 3x3
  • World Transformation
EDCS Classification Codes Present:


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